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Germany’s CDU To Rule Out Carbon Tax – Official

Wall Street Online

Carsten Linnemann, vice president of the parliamentary Christian Democrats does not expect that the ruling CDU will introduce a CO2 tax.

“I am firmly convinced that the Christian Democrats will oppose a CO2 tax,” said Linnemann according to the “Rheinische Post.” He does not see a majority in favour in the parliamentary party.

A CO2 tax would be like a wager on climate policy, the CDU politician said.

“Consumers would be much more likely to have to pay, yet no one could guarantee that CO2 emissions would drop while the idea that every citizen would be given adequate compensation is as likely SC Paderborn winning the German championship.”

Climate protection only works internationally. “The most important thing now is to remain rational in of falling for hysteria.”

Linnemann pleaded for an expansion of European emissions trading scheme in the areas of transport and buildings.

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