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Germany’s Once Powerful Green Party Fears General Election Crash

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten

Germany’s Green Party must fear to miss the five percent threshold to get into the Bundestag at the general elections later this year.

According to a recent INSA opinion poll, support for Germany’s Green Party stands at a meager 6.5 percent. Not long ago, the Greens had hoped to be able to move into the Bundestag with double-digit figures.

For a time, the Greens were thought to be favorites for the next coalition government with Angela Merkel. Over the last few years, the programmes of both parties had looked increasingly similar.

According to the INSA poll, support for the Social Democrats has gained two percentage points to 32 percent. The Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) have lost a point to 30.5 percent. The AfD remains at eleven percent as in the previous week, as does the Left Party at eight percent.

Support for the  liberal FDP increased to seven percent.

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