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This is the week in which the parrot stopped pining for the fjords; the British Guardian newspaper has given up hope for a global climate treaty taking effect before 2020.  The worthless and deceptive Kyoto Protocol will expire next year, and it will be replaced by… nothing.

As the left-leaning, pro-green paper writes despondently:

Governments of the world’s richest countries have given up on forging a new treaty on climate change to take effect this decade, with potentially disastrous consequences for the environment through global warming.

Ahead of critical talks starting next week, most of the world’s leading economies now privately admit that no new global climate agreement will be reached before 2016 at the earliest, and that even if it were negotiated by then, they would stipulate it could not come into force until 2020.

For years, greens and the global left blamed the failure to agree on a grand carbon bargain on George W. Bush; he has now departed the political stage and suddenly we discover that there is no significant support for the treaty from any of the rich countries.  Again, from the Guardian:

The UK, European UnionJapan, US and other rich nations are all now united in opting to put off an agreement and the United Nations also appears to accept this.

The dumbest idea since the Kellog-Briand Pact outlawed war forever back in 1929, the concept of regulating the composition of the economic output of every country on earth by a global treaty negotiated under UN rules never had a chance of producing anything useful.  Pliable politicians pandering to delusional greens allowed this flawed concept onto the international arena; advocacy journalism (by unthinking and unreflective hacks) plus herd thinking lent a superficial air of credibility to a strategy that could never succeed; bureaucratic hunger for power, green ‘capitalists’ developing eager to extract rents from an artificial global carbon permit market and Malthusian panic did the rest.

Via Meadia called the death of the global green treaty movement back in early 2010 amid a hail of bullets from furious greens who believed that messenger-shooting was a thoughtful and constructive response to the receipt of bad news.  Many pointed to the pledges countries were making to reduce their carbon emissions in the absence of a global agreement as a sign that the treaty, like the famous Monty Python parrot in the skit, was only resting.  Via Meadia was skeptical, suggesting that more pandering than promising was going on.

Reports the Guardian:

Although the world’s major economies made pledges to limit their emissions at the Copenhagen talks, there is little sign these are having an effect.

The green global carbon treaty strategy is a comprehensive flop.  Failure was built in from the start; treaties cannot produce the results the greens wanted.  When this was pointed out, greens shrieked hysterically and furiously that the world’s house was on fire.  That may be true, but the greens were suggesting that all we had to do was collect enough unicorn sweat and then we could use that to put out the fire.

Note to aspiring policy wonks of every stripe: if your solution is an impossible and unworkable one, it doesn’t matter whether you have correctly identified the problem.  The fire may be real; the unicorn sweat isn’t.

Two years after the Copenhagen disaster the environmental movement has yet to regroup.  It has millions of supporters around the world, the sympathy of the mainstream press, advocates well placed in governments and international bodies, and very large financial resources.  The only thing it lacks is a strategy.  Like the Scarecrow in Oz, it is lacking a brain.