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Golly Ghosh! What Has She Been Smoking?

Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know THat

National Trust Director, Dame Helen Ghosh has enlisted the NT in the fight against climate change.

According to the Telegraph:

The National Trust says the impact of climate change threatens the very landscape and environment it was set up to protect. The Trust’s director general has told The Telegraph it will do more to work with other groups to tackle the impact of climate change and global warming.  Dame Helen Ghosh said: “Like any other charity we cannot be political with a capital P, but that doesn’t stop us from campaigning on issues that strike at the heart of what our charitable purpose asks us to do. All the practical evidence we have at the Trust shows that the biggest challenge we are now facing concerns the threat to biodiversity and wildlife.”

 And what is it that concerns her? She gives two examples:

 1) I like to show people a picture of a silverfish [a household pest]. They are insects that live under carpets and like damp and warmth, and we do have quite a lot of them in our properties. They used to get killed off in the winter because we had crisp, cold winters, but now they don’t.”

What on earth has Ghosh been smoking? According to the Met Office, there has been no trend in winter temperatures in the last century. The idea that we always had cold, crisp winters is just a myth.


And there is no trend in winter rainfall either.


If the Dame’s silverfish are thriving, it’s probably because of all the insulation fitted in her properties to save on CO2!

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