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Good News About Polar Bears – But Where Are The Headlines?

Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

Why has this fabulous news not made major headlines around the world?

Why are the #saveourseaice folks at Polar Bears International, who have being working in Western Hudson Bay for decades, not dancing in the streets of Churchill? Environment Canada’s Polar Bear Technical Committee upgraded the status of Western Hudson Bay polar bears from “declining” to “likely stable” four months ago (details here). Why has this fabulous news not made major headlines around the world?

Figure 4. Environment Canada's "Map 3: 2014 Canadian Polar Bear Subpopulation and Status Map," original here.

After years of being told by polar bear specialists and activists organizations like Polar Bears International and the World Wildlife Fundthat the Western Hudson Bay (WHB) population is already suffering mightily because of global warming, it now appears that is far from the truth.

Nevertheless, next week (2-8 November, 2014), as they did last year,Polar Bears International is planning another intense campaign (from Churchill, Manitoba) to broadcast the misinformation that WHB polar bears are in big trouble:

During Polar Bear Week, we focus on how longer ice-free seasons are straining the limits of the bears’ fat reserves, threatening their survival.

The 2014 event is November 2-8. It’s the perfect time to speak up for action on climate change by signing our petition (coming soon).

In addition, we invite you to take the next step to reduce your greenhouse gas footprint by pledging to energy-saving actions that take what you’re already doing a few steps further.”

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