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Green Britain: Almost Half Of Households Struggle With Winter Fuel Bills


As the temperature drops across the UK, more than forty per cent of households are struggling to pay their heating bills according to a new survey.

The findings come from a national survey of 1,008 mixed tenure households from Utilita Energy. The survey also found that many people have little or no money left over after paying their bills and more than a third (35%), have been forced to set aside money in the summer to prepare for the colder months.

The research also found that one third of people have had to make cutbacks to pay for bills with more than half of this group being forced to reduce spending on essential groceries.

Despite a relatively mild year so far, weather forecasters are now predicting colder weather in the run up to Christmas and Utilita Energy is urging customers to prepare for increased heating bills.

Utilita Managing Director, Bill Bullen, said:

“What is especially concerning about this research is that many households already find it difficult to heat their homes. Across the UK around 2.3 million people are estimated to be affected by fuel poverty and as the cold weather sets in, this situation is set to worsen.”

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