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Green Campaigners Defeated: British Parliament Votes To Expand London’s Heathrow Airport


British lawmakers voted strongly in favour of building a new runway at London’s Heathrow Airport on Monday, paving the way for the airport’s expansion after decades of delays and policy U-turns. Lawmakers voted 415 to 119 in favour of the move, a decision that has long divided parliament regardless of party lines. 

 Some have opposed the extra noise and air pollution it will bring to London, particularly its western regions.

In a sign of the battles still to come, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he would bring legal action to block the expansion while the owner of British Airways warned that it would not accept higher charges for consumers and airlines.

“The Government is pressing ahead with the wrong option, resulting in intolerable noise levels and worsening air quality,” Khan said on Twitter…

Campaigning group Greenpeace UK said it would work with councils across London and the mayor to bring a legal challenge.

“If ministers don’t want to uphold the laws protecting us from toxic fumes and climate change, we’re going to ask a court to do that,” it said.

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