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Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has confirmed that the Secondary Legislation for the Green Deal will be delayed.

Writing to Shadow Climate Change Minister Luciana Berger, the Minister said that the Government would be responding to the Green Deal consultation in April and secondary legislation would appear “by summer recess”.

Previously the Government had been adamant that the secondary legislation would be laid in “early 2012”. This signals another delay for the Green Deal, after it was reported last week that energy companies have told DECC they would not have the Green Deal payment mechanism in place by the scheme’s launch in October.

Responding to the letter Shadow Climate Change Minister Luciana Berger, said: “This is another setback for the Green Deal and is symptomatic of a policy process which has floundered from the beginning.

“Ministers justified the scrapping of successful measures introduced by Labour like the Warm Front, CERT & CESP schemes, by promising that the Green Deal would be up and running to fill the gap in October. Any delay risks leaving millions of people struggling to keep warm next winter.

“Labour wants the Green Deal to work. If done properly, a pay-as-you-save energy efficiency scheme could deliver more jobs, lower bills for millions of households, and less carbon emissions.

“But for the Green Deal to be a success it must be a good deal for bill payers, small businesses and the fuel poor. With the current delays, potentially sky high interest rates and a reduction in support for the fuel poor the scheme will not realise the ambition we all want it to see.

“Minsters need to get a grip of this policy and work with Labour, consumer groups, small businesses and energy providers to deliver a scheme which will actually work.”

Green Wise Business News, 15 March 2012