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A new report has warned that the construction industry runs the risk of becoming a second-tier supplier to energy companies and retailers under the Green Deal.

Research by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group found that only 35 per cent of product manufacturers believe the Green Deal will be an important opportunity and that only 31 per cent currently have suitable products available.

Installers’ perceptions of the key benefits of their energy saving services to home owners were principally financially driven; either reducing energy costs (33 per cent) or generating extra income (22 per cent).

Similarly, manufacturers saw the principal benefit as reducing energy bills (55 per cent) and home energy generation (45 per cent).

The report states:

No single section of the construction industry can work in isolation, trade associations, manufacturers, contractors and wholesalers must work together to create an effective supply chain.

While the construction sector remains sceptical about the Green Deal and its success, organisations from outside the sector like the energy companies and major retailers have recognised the opportunity and are starting to act.

Construction runs the risk of becoming a second tier supplier to these organisations.

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