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Green Denial – David Cameron And EU Climate Policy

Tory Aardvark

It has as they say, all been downhill for the warming alarmists since the catastrophic failure of the COP15 UN climate circus meeting at Copenhagen in 2009, the last meeting, COP18 in Doha, held in November was the biggest failure to date.

The Kyoto Protocol expired at the end of December 2012, when COP18 ended not one major emitter had singed up for any new form of Kyoto, and the few countries that did underwent a rapid mind change within days.

As 2013 began Russia announced that it will never sign up to a new Kyoto treaty, the same goes for Canada who left the original Kyoto Protocol, the US, Brazil, China and India have yet to publicly adopt the same position as Russian and Canada, but their actions amount to the same.

The truth that the great man made climate change scam is mostly over is proving unpalatable to the Greens, the observed empirical evidence is so far removed from the Green Armageddon narrative, it is little wonder that the scam has come apart, yet for some they continue to marshal the Green doom sayings from years ago about rising temperatures, rising sea levels and ice free polar regions as absolute truths that the world must act on.

David Cameron bothering a Husky in the halycon days of Warming Alarmism in 2006

David Cameron bothering a Husky in the halcyon days of Warming Alarmism, back in 2006


Climate change is unlikely to feature highly in David Cameron’s thoughts as he seeks to renegotiate the UK’s place in the European Union.

Britain’s Prime Minister appears to see the EU solely through a prism of trade and economics, and is keen to see these aspects define the country’s relationship with Brussels.

An isolated UK may satisfy members of the Conservative Party who see the EU’s regulations as an excessive burden the country can do without.

According to latest opinion polls in Britain 62% of voters want Britain out of the EU which is the democratic will of the people, not Cameron appeasing the right wing of the Conservative Party.

The EU has proved increasingly unpopular in Britain as unelected EU Commissars take more powers from Westminster and the EU Human Rights Act has meant that Britain cannot deport Islamic Clerics complicit in terrorism, in case their human rights are violated.

Most British voters have probably never heard of the EUs unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, or are aware what her insane Green policies are adding to their energy bills, but the majority of Britons not of a Liberal or socialist persuasion know instinctively that the EU is bad idea.

Warming alarmist John Ashton who used to be Foreign Secretary Willam Hague’s special representative on climate change is also worried:

“Europe has been a driving force in building the global response to climate change and Britain has been at the heart of that,” he said. “We have a national interest in a successful response to climate change.

“A Europe in which Britain is semi-detached or worse in the process of leaving is not going to be a Europe doing the climate diplomacy that we need to secure our national interest.”

COP18 proved that the EU, Australia and a few other states with a vested interest in keeping the scam alive are the only nations still interested in the foolish notion that humanity can control the climate.

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