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Green Energy Policy To Cost Germany 335 Billion Euros

Germany’s nuclear phase-out will be extremely costly, according to a new study. Two reports commissioned by the Bavarian Business Association have come to this conclusion, the newspaper Die Welt is reporting. The development of renewable energy alone will cost Germans 335 billion Euros, most of it caused by the green energy levy that was introduced by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG).

Currently, the levy is 3.5 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity; according to the calculations it could go up to 6 cents. By 2030, therefore, the total cost of the EEG will add to some 250 billion Euros. Currently they the green levy costs 12.3 billion Euros annually. In addition, there would be indirect costs like the grid expansion in the amount of 85 billion Euros.

The German magazine “Spiegel” also reported in its latest issue that the energy shift will cost more than the Federal government is ready to admit. The paper refers to calculations by the Rhenish-Westphalian Institute for Economic Research (RWI). According to RWI, the price of electricity would not rise by one cent per kilowatt hour as expected by the Federal government, but it may increase by five times as much.

The German Energy Agency also estimates in its internal calculations a rise of four to five cents. According to the Consumer Federation, it could be five or more cents, reported the “Spiegel”.

Swiss Info, 27 July 2011

transl. Philipp Mueller