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Green Lobby Outraged As Government Kills Green Deal ‘Conservatory Tax’

Jessica Shankleman, BusinessGreen

Ministers ditch plans to force property owners to fit energy efficient measures during renovations

Ministers have been accused of “policy making by Daily Mail headlines”, after scrapping a plan for mandatory energy efficiency improvements despite widespread industry support for the plan.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles last week confirmed he would shelve “consequential improvements” proposals that would have required property owners to install measures to improve their building’s energy efficiency when carrying out other renovations.

The idea had been introduced in a consultation at the beginning of the year as a possible tool to increase take up of efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation under the government’s flagship Green Deal energy efficiency scheme, which is due to kick off in earnest at the end of January.

But Pickles said in a statement that “introducing consequential improvements would, in fact, discourage people from undertaking home improvements”.

“This measure ensures that it will remain straightforward for hard-working homeowners to undertake small-scale home improvements and conservatories,” he added.

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