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Green Madness: Ireland ‘Doomed’ To Face Hundreds Of Millions In CO2 Fines

Catherine Sanz, The Times

Ireland is unlikely to avoid having to pay multimillion-euro fines for missing emissions targets, the Environmental Protection Agency has warned. The country is “doomed” to face hundreds of millions of euros in sanctions.

Emissions from the agriculture and transport sectors are increasing at a rapid pace, the watchdog said yesterday. It forecasted that by 2020 the country would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by only 4 to 6 per cent from 2005 levels, despite a 20 per cent target it is legally bound to achieve.

Environmentalists and opposition parties condemned the government yesterday for failing to act and said that the country was “doomed” to face hundreds of millions of euros in sanctions.

The EPA report divided the findings down into two categories: “with existing measures” and “with additional measures,” which are projected based on the implementation of preventative steps outlined in a number of government action plans.

The current projected reduction of 6 per cent is based on the government implementing additional measures, or if the government applies policy changes across a number of industries. The figure of 4 per cent is based on the current measures.

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