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Green Madness: Tories Promise Companies That Taxpayers Will Pay Their Climate Taxes

Alex Stevenson,

Conservatives are set to promise companies at the next general election their energy bills will not go up as a result of efforts to tackle climate change.

Climate change minister Greg Barker told the Tories would seek to assist firms by making sure international objectives to lower CO2 emissions do not damage their business prospects.

“We will offer a way to meet our legally binding climate change objectives in a more affordable pro-business way that allows us to meet the dangers of manmade climate change without making us more uncompetitive or forcing up energy bills,” he said.

“Only the Conservatives offer environmental responsibility that’s affordable.”

The 2015 general election campaign will come at the same time as the next round of international UN negotiations on climate change, which campaigners say will be a critical moment in determining the planet’s future.

That will raise awareness of the issue from its current low levels. The Conservatives relegated Barker’s speech on climate change from the main hall in their autumn conference in Manchester yesterday.

Concerns about the limited impact of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest report, published on Friday, are worrying campaigners and diplomats in Manchester.

The report acknowledged a 15-year hiatus in the impact on climate change but the panel made clear it was 95% certain humans were primarily responsible for global warming.

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