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Green Madness: Wind Farm Expansion Will See More Factories Paid To Switch Off

Emily Gosden, The Daily Telegraph

National Grid says that paying businesses to cut their energy usage will become increasingly common to help deal with times when power supplies are short because the wind isn’t blowing

Britain’s drive for wind farms will result in businesses routinely being paid to switch off their power when there is not enough wind to stop the lights going out, National Grid has said.

Thousands of wind turbines are being built around the country and off the British coast under Government plans to hit green energy targets, but the power they produce is intermittent.

This has forced the National Grid to find alternative ways of keeping the lights on when wind levels are not high enough to meet power demand.

Steve Holliday, chief executive of National Grid, said this would include businesses such as factories, which use a lot of energy, reducing their electricity usage on days when there is low wind and receiving payments in return.

Mr Holliday said that it would be very expensive to solve the problem by building extra back-up power stations that would only run infrequently, and it would be cheaper for consumers to instead fund measures to cut demand.

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