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Taliban go green and vow to help fight climate change

Global Warming Policy Forum & Newsweek

In an interview with Newsweek, a Taliban official has promised that the jihadist terror movement will become green activists, fighting climate change instead of women and infidels. By promising to turn their green flag of islamist terror into a green flag of eco-activism, the radical jihadists are likely to become the new darlings of Western reds and greens… although perhaps not as much loved as China’s ‘green’ communist leaders. 

By calling for global action on climate change the Taliban show that they are shrewd and know how to play the West’s witless leaders who have been completely outmanoeuvred and now face humiliation and a huge geopolitical power shift.

In comments shared exclusively with Newsweek, a senior Taliban official has called for global recognition of his group’s rule over Afghanistan, where he vowed militants would never again be allowed to launch attacks against other countries.

And he said his group has plenty to offer if the world embraces it.

In the week since the Taliban, officially known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, took Kabul in a rapid, largely uncontested march, no country has yet formally recognized the change in power. But the issue has been a major point of discussion as governments, including those of China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and even the United States, maintain contact with the group now effectively in charge of the country.

As these conversations develop, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, told Newsweek that his group sought worldwide recognition of the Islamic Emirate.

“We hope not only to be recognized by regional countries,” Balkhi said, “but the entire world at large as the legitimate representative government of the people of Afghanistan who have gained their right of self-determination from a foreign occupation with the backing and support of an entire nation after a prolonged struggle and immense sacrifices despite all odds being stacked against our people.”

And he argued that such a move would be to the benefit of not only Afghanistan but nations across the globe.

“We believe the world has a unique opportunity of rapprochement and coming together to tackle the challenges not only facing us but the entire humanity,” Balkhi added, “and these challenges ranging from world security and climate change need the collective efforts of all, and cannot be achieved if we exclude or ignore an entire people who have been devastated by imposed wars for the past four decades.”

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