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Greenpeace And Other Secret Sources Funding Attack On UK’s Energy Security

Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

It is bad enough that Greenpeace should be funding action to undermine the UK’s energy security, in league with a self confessed climate fanatic, Sara Bell. But who else is supplying what must be large funds to assist?

I have reported a few times on the ECJ judgement against the UK’s Capacity Market mechanism. The UK has actually done nothing, and the judgement is actually against the EU Commission, who the ECJ say did not follow proper procedures when approving the mechanism in 2014.

The original case was brought by a tiny energy company, Tempus Energy, who have subsequently instigated legal action here as well, to put a stop to all CM payments.

I asked the question at the time of the ECJ judgement how a tiny company could afford to bring what was clearly an extremely expensive case.

Jillian Ambrose, to her credit, has some of the answers:


‘To be honest, nobody thought they would win,” says one industry source. “Actually, I don’t think even they thought they would pull this off.”

The energy industry transition has long served as a battlefield between power and money. But in a multi-billion-pound coup, one energy start-up has emerged as David in the fight against the industry’s incumbent power-generating Goliaths.

The triumph of Tempus Energy, a 10-strong technology upstart, in a European Court battle against power plant subsidies has rocked the industry to its core. A shock court ruling in November has forced the scheme, which aims to stem the closure of power plants by awarding supply contracts worth £1bn a year, into a legal limbo that could take years to resolve.

The move strikes a blow to the heart of the energy system by posing an existential threat to plant operators and a “real and present danger” to the UK’s energy security, according to industry lobbyists Energy UK.

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