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Greenpeace: Chaos, Incompetence And Hypocrisy

Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

The Guardian has an astonishing splash on Greenpeace. Based on documents leaked from the actvists’ HQ, it appears that the finance department has been in chaos for years.

The handling of Greenpeace International’s £58m budget has been in disarray for years, with its finance team beset by personnel problems and a lack of rigorous processes, leading to errors, substandard work and a souring of relationships between its Amsterdam HQ and offices around the world, documents and emails leaked to the Guardian show.

A board minute is quoted that suggests that the internal financial controls are just a bit on the weak side:

[the board] is particularly troubled by…the lack of strong, coherent processes and controls that prevent the possibility that contracts can be entered into without due authorisation.

It’s pretty surprising then that the organisation’s auditors, Ernst and Young, have given a clean bill of health in past years.

Even more remarkably, it is revealed that some of Greenpeace’s most senior figures have adopted what normal mortals might consider ultra-high carbon lifestyles:

The Guardian has also learned that one of the group’s most senior executives, Pascal Husting, Greenpeace International’s international programme director, works in Amsterdam but flies between the city’s offices and his home in Luxembourg several times a month.

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