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Gunter Ederer: Thoughts On Solar Power From The Rain-Country

“To produce solar power in Germany is as sensible as to grow pineapples in Alaska.” This statement hits the nail on its head and is no less true just because it comes from RWE CEO Juergen Grossmann, whose company is being particularly shaken by Germany’s ‘energy transformation.’

“Blinded: high costs, little power,” titled Der Spiegel its story about the solar madness in wet and cold Germany. Similar to the trillion Euros of the national debt, I am very dizzy when reading about the sums, which will be sacrificed to the sun god. A few more billion Euros do not matter anymore either. The French agency AFP puts the subsidies of a job in the German solar industry at around 250,000 Euros, and the Rhinish-Westphalian Institute for Economic Research has calculated that the 100 billion Euros mark on subsidies for solar mania has now been cracked.

Unlike the trillions of the national debt, of which no one knows how they will ever be repaid, the idiots have already been determined who will have to pay for the “sun world”: Us electricity customers. As our meter run, we are here kilowatt for kilowatt. 3.59 cents per kilo Watt hour (kWh) we pay at the moment, and very soon this amount will increase to 4.7 cents. So if you have no roof to put solar panels on it or if you have no land on which to build a photovoltaic system, then you are the payer.

It is one of the secrets of the conservative parties, which now and again still use the word “market economy”, why they are so silent about the subsidies for solar power. And it is one of the secrets of the Left, why they don’t rally against this exploitation of vulnerable people in favour of house and land owners. I make a suggestion to the politicians who usually demand justice and fairness: How about a roof compensation for all who own neither a house nor land?

But this waste of billions, which also causes a social scandal, is not really suitable for cynicism. Here the question must be asked who is responsible for this aberration and why it is possible that this nonsense is not stopped in an educated and informed nation. Certainly the Greens and the late Hermann Scheer, Social Democrat MP, have a lot to do with the lies that solar energy as an alternative power source in our climate is a solution to the energy problem. But the responsibility for the Republic currently lies in the hands of the physicist Angela Merkel, and therefore she is directly to be held responsible for the destruction of capital.

And what nonsense has she – together with the solar lobby – told us: the energy transformation was sold as a job miracle, which would herald the new industrial age, especially in the underdeveloped eastern part of Germany. Billions in subsidies have been paid, and now we are paying billions of subsidies to save these companies from bankruptcies or to finance the new green unemployment. The market share of Germany in the PV market has fallen from nearly 70 percent in 2004 to 20 percent. But Chinese producers are pleased about the subsidised jobs from “Dumb Germany.”

But there is still economics minister Philipp Rösler, a member of the party which does not get tired of talking about the strength of the market economy. And what does he do? Nothing! He lets the Chancellor continue to despoil the country with useless solar panels. At his election as party chairman, he promised: “The FDP [the liberal party] will deliver” and what he meant was a freer market economy. But on energy policy too, he does not deliver. And that is why he makes his party as superfluous as the photovoltaic fields and the roofs full of solar panels.

Translation Philipp Mueller

Fuldaer Zeitung, 21 January 2012