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GWPF Calls for Root & Branch Overhaul of UK Energy Regulator

Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

London, 5 February: The Global Warming Policy Forum is calling for a major reform of the UK’s energy regulator.

Referring to Ofgem’s publication of its Decarbonisation Programme Action Plan on Monday, the GWPF notes that the regulator is to all appearances no longer bound by its original brief to protect the consumer. Instead it is now just one more UK institution committed to the delivery of climate mitigation policies, whatever the cost to energy consumers.

According to an analysis by Dr John Constable, the GWPF’s Energy Editor, the new CEO of Ofgem, Mr Jonathan Brearley, is a long-term Whitehall policy insider, who has been closely involved in the creation of many of the UK’s climate policies the costs of which Ofgem should be scrutinising.  Dr Constable said:

“Mr Brearley was a very surprising choice to lead the energy regulator, and the publication of the Decarbonisation Programme Action Plan confirms fears that under his leadership Ofgem will do little or nothing to protect consumers against extreme climate policy costs.” 

“Households and businesses are now in effect deprived of an institutional champion and consequently find themselves without a voice in government. This is a deplorable and unacceptable situation.”

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