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The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is dissatisfied with but not surprised by the report by the House of Commons Committee on Science Technology regarding “the disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.” Only 5 out of 14 members of the Select Committee considered this report which did not arrive at unanimous conclusions.

Regrettably, the report lacks even-handed consideration of all submitted evidence. Interested observers will therefore have to look at the submitted evidence independently rather than rely on the committee’s political assessment to get to a more balanced picture.

There is not much analysis in the report – it is mostly a ‘he said this and he said that and we believe Phil Jones’ type of report. Overall, it is far too kind to Phil Jones, accepting everything he said without question.

This report will be widely regarded as an attempted whitewash, not a fair and balanced assessment of the submitted evidence. Its evident bias risks further undermining the reputation of British science.

On a positive note, the report makes clear that current scientific ‘best practice’ is inadequate and that in the future all data, methodologies and computer codes should be published. This is a victory for those who have been asking for years.

It also found that the UEA helped the CRU break the law. Even if they can’t be prosecuted this should lead to resignations.

We welcome the report’s support for our demand that the Muir Russell Review should be held in public. From now on, climate science has to be done in a new and open way.