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The 2012 Annual GWPF Lecture By Professor Fritz Vahrenholt

Global Warming: Second Thoughts Of An Environmentalist View the video here


The 2011 Annual GWPF Lecture by Cardinal George Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney

      Westminster Cathedral Hall, London 26 October 2011

    Cardinal-PellIn his GWPF lecture, Cardinal Pell questioned the morality and costs of imposing heavy financial burdens on households and families, in particular the poor, in the name of saving the planet and in the hope of curbing the rise of global temperatures. View the video here



     What does the Global Warming Policy Foundation Stand For? View the video here

      CBI interview with Lord Lawson – October 2010 View the video here

        Inaugural Annual GWPF Lecture by Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic
        Royal Society of Arts, London, 19 October 2010

      vaclav-klaus-highresIn his GWPF lecture, President Klaus argues that today’s widely accepted climate change doctrine is driven not so much by science as by a collectivist environmental ideology which has become a vehicle for extensive government intervention into all fields of life, endangering both human freedom and economic prosperity. View the video here

      A conversation with Nigel Lawson View the video here

      Benny Peiser in the European Parliament, November 2009 View the video here

      Nigel Lawson at the Munk Debates, December 2009 View the video here

      Freeman Dyson on Global Warming – Climate Models View the video here

      Freeman Dyson on Global Warming View the video here