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GWPF global temperature competition: We have a winner


The Met Office’s temperature data for 2020 are out.

Each year we ask GWPF readers to submit their predictions for our annual temperature prediction competition, a chance for climate and weather geeks to pit their wits against the Met Office.

For 2020, the boffins at the Met Office were predicting a little bit of warming, suggesting the average might push up from an anomaly of 0.74°C to 0.80°C, although with a wide margin of error to save their blushes. GWPF readers, on the other hand, opted for a slight cooling, with the median prediction being 0.72°C.

And here is the way things turned out.

The official anomaly is 0.768°C, which we round to 0.77°C for the purposes of the competition. This is 0.03°C below the Met Office, and 0.05°C above the median GWPF reader.

But not all of them! A few canny readers came up with precisely the right number and we will get the prizes to the winner in the next day or so.

With all the excitement, I’m sure many of you will want to enter the 2021 competition. Just click here!