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GWPF Welcomes Green Light For UK Fracking

Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

London, 6 October:  The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has welcomed the Government’s decision to give the go-ahead for shale gas test drilling in Lancashire.

The GWPF has been the only think tank that has consistently argued for UK shale development.

The knock-on effects of a shale gas revolution could be significant: cheaper energy could make UK manufacturing more competitive, gas and electricity bills could fall and the rising trend in fuel poverty could be reversed.

Responding to the decision by the Secretary of State for Communities Sajid Javid,  the GWPF’s director Dr Benny Peiser said:

“Britain may be sitting on a huge gold mine of cheap, abundant and comparatively clean energy that could supply the UK’s energy needs for a century or more. It’s high time to find out how much there is.” 

“In Texas, it takes a week to get a permission for hydraulic fracturing of shale. In Britain, the wait has been going on for a whopping nine years. In 2007, Cuadrilla was granted a licence for shale gas exploration in Lancashire. Nine years later, not a single cubic foot of gas has been extracted. Hopefully, this Kafkaesque procrastination will now come to an end.”