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GWPF Welcomes Newfound Realism Among Prominent Green Campaigners

Press Release, Global Warming Policy Forum

The London-based the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has welcomed a new-found sense of realism among some prominent green campaigners.

In recent days, former Extinction Rebellion spokesman Zion Lights has announced her conversion to the cause of nuclear energy, while so-called “eco-modernist” Michael Shellenberger has gone further, and apologised for the years he spent scaremongering over climate change in a long article at Forbes website.

Welcoming these developments, GWPF director Dr Benny Peiser said:

It’s great to see these prominent green campaigners disavowing the eco-extremism that has done such damage to the world. When Michael Shellenberger says that climate change isn’t even the biggest environmental problem the world faces, he’s echoing a view that the GWPF has highlighted since our inception.”

And in a dramatic development yesterday, the Forbes website has abruptly taken down Shellenberger’s article. Dr Peiser said:

We should be grateful to Michael Shellenberger for his courage in setting out the truth about climate alarmism. And we should thank the handful of website and social media companies that have made a stand for free speech. Forbes, it seems, isn’t one of them”.