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Hidden Green Costs Of Consumers’ Electricity Bills

Here’s an odd thing. Some weeks back I noticed that Gregory Barker, the Climate Change minister, had met with representatives of the Electricicity Retailers Association to discuss “information on consumers’ bills”.

To me this seemed rather odd – why would electricity retailers need to discuss the information on bills with ministers? Perhaps Mr Barker wanted to insist that some information was passed on to consumers?

An FOI request later, I discover that the meeting was at the request of ERA itself – it appears that they asked to speak to ministers about a number of issues – Fuel Poverty, the Green Deal, the Community Energy Saving Programme and the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target. Putting this together with DECC’s record that “information on consumers’ bills” was discussed, I conclude that ERA wanted to make the costs of these government programmes transparent.

Unfortunately, I can only infer this because according to DECC, no record was kept of the meeting.

Bishop Hill, 16 August 2011