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A critical and satirical look at the history — and mounting threat — of climate hysteria and environmental chicanery.

The Global Warming Policy Forum is proud to announce the publication of How Dare You!, a collection of columns by the National Post’s Peter Foster.

Over the past 20 years, Foster has written over 1600 columns for the FP Comment section of Toronto’s National Post. In How Dare You! he selects a hundred or so that pick apart the follies and dangers of the Global Governance Agenda, the climate (policy) crisis, unsustainable “sustainability”, United Nations corruption, corporate social irresponsibility, uncivil society, and the great green energy non-transition.

He highlights a rogues’ gallery of past and current threats to global health, wealth, freedom and happiness, from Al Gore through Maurice Strong, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, David Suzuki, Naomi Klein and Mark Carney to the Pope.

Understanding these issues is critically important as the world emerges from the crisis of COVID-19, and COVID-19 policies. Demands for tens of $trillion for Green New Deals in fact threaten a global Green Depression. 

Foster covers the well-coordinated and vicious attacks on Canada’s forestry and oil sectors by global environmental NGOs. Those attacks have worldwide lessons.

The book is a must-read for anyone anywhere who wants to understand how we got into the current global policy mess, and how not to make it any worse.

How Dare You! is illustrated with cartoons by Josh and is available now.

Review copies can be obtained from

It can be purchased in hard copy or ebook from Amazon: UK – USA – CanadaAustralia