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India Will Not Accept Binding CO2 Targets

Neha Sethi, Livemint india

New Delhi: India won’t agree to any binding cuts on emissions as it has not utilized its fair share of the earth’s carbon space and still has to provide minimum standards of living to its entire population, the Economic Survey said, reiterating the nation’s stand in international climate change negotiations.

“It is important that any future agreement should fully take into account India’s development concerns and requirements,” said the annual Economic Survey presented to Parliament on Wednesday.

The survey said that it was important for the country to grow as per capita energy use in developing countries was only about 25% that in developed economies on an average and about 400 million Indians still did not have electricity in their homes.

“Developing countries lack the resources to effectively respond to sustainability and climate challenges,” the survey said. “The bottom half of the world can do its bit but it cannot be expected to shoulder the bulk of the world’s development, sustainability, and climate crisis burden.”

India, Brazil, South Africa and China have said they will not agree to any binding cuts in their emissions. Developing nations argue that climate change has primarily been caused by rich nations through industrial activity and that it is they who must lead by example by cutting their carbon emissions first.

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