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Indian Government Advised To Outlaw Greenpeace Foreign Funding

Hindustan Times

[India’s] Intelligence Bureau has prepared yet another report on NGO Greenpeace, recommending cancellation of permission given to it for collecting funds abroad besides reassessment of its tax compliance.

In the fresh report, submitted to Prime Minister’s Office and National Security Adviser, the central security agency has warned that foreign donations to the Greenpeace be put on “prior category” list so that permission is taken before any money flows in for funding their activities.

The report has also listed 12 foreign nationals who have been associated with some NGOs in their campaign against coal mines, power projects and nuclear power plants.

A specific portion of the report, which has been sent to finance ministry and other key ministries, has focused on Greenpeace NGO, saying it is trying to raise issues of hazardous e-waste generated by information technology-based service providers, opposing genetically modified food and coal fired power plants which are known to cause serious damage to environment.

The bureau has also raised concern on the mass protests organised by it against Mahaan coal block especially in February 2014 when a Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai even went on to physically prevent entry of private or public sector workers in the area.

Greenpeace spokesperson Bharti Sinha, when approached for comments, said, “Greenpeace has been targeted left, right and centre and we don’t know why. We have said if the government should have any question or clarification, we are willing to give that.

“But instead of any communication, there is only rubbish going on and we are being targeted as an NGO which follows all the laws of the country. We show all the transparency and place our annual reports on website for everybody to see, who ever is interested,” Sinha said.

IB report says Greenpeace which is recognised globally for raising environmental and other issues has also initiated sustained campaign against import of palm oil from Indonesia.

The production of palm oil is allegedly resulting in severe deforestation in the island country which is destroying the natural habitat of orangutans — an endangered species of apes.

The report goes on to allege that Greenpeace has formed “Moily response team” in order to counter decisions taken by environment ministry related to clearance of 70 projects worth over Rs. 1.5 lakh crore in short span of time.

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