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Irredeemable Forecasters Predict ‘Barbecue Summer’ To Rival 2003

The Daily Telegraph, 21 May: Summer will arrive early tomorrow with a 17C temperature swing finally delivering sweltering highes of 27C as experts forecast a sweltering summer on a par with the record-breaking 2003 and 2006 scorchers.

[…] the good news continued as long-range forecasters predicted a baking summer comparable with 2003 – which saw Britain’s all-time record 38.5C (101.3F) temperature – and 2006, the hottest on record at an average of 15.8C.

Weather Services International, part of the Weather Channel, said the ‘pressure blocking’ system which made recent summers cool and wet has disappeared.

Instead, forecasters expect hot and dry high pressure systems, comparable with patterns which delivered the 2003 and 2006 scorchers.

WSI chief meteorologist Dr Todd Crawford said: “The last four summers have been fairly wet and cool across the UK.

“This was driven by extreme levels of North Atlantic pressure blocking as seen in summers 2007-11 – but that pattern has now seemingly ended.

“Reduced levels of blocking should result in a distinctly different summer this year – with high pressure driving warmer, drier and less windy conditions.

“We expect a summer pattern more like 2002-06, with above-normal temperatures.

The barbecue summer in full flow

The barbecue summer in full flow Photo: PA

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