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Is Climate Hype Fading?

Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism

Encouraging news from the Guardian today, based on a report from MediaMatters. Despite all the hype around the COP21 Paris climate conference in December, the airtime devoted to climate news stories by the US TV networks actually fell in 2015 compared with 2014.

The only channel that substantially increased its coverage was Fox, which takes a mainly sceptical viewpoint. Apparently the “findings are stunning”.

Another mouthpiece of climate propaganda, Climate Home, also seems worried, saying that Climate change has dropped off the political radar, as global warming is “knocked off the front pages” by other issues. They also describe a “mini-exodus of key figures” including Figueres and Fabius. Are some of the rats deserting the sinking ship? In another of their articles they lament that “The EU is acting like last December’s Paris climate agreement never happened” by making no changes to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets post-Paris. Meanwhile in Canada, plans for emissions cuts are delayed, “as implementing tougher carbon cuts proves troublesome”.

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