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Jeremy Clarkson Confirms He’s Still A Proper Climate Sceptic

GWPF & Jeremy Clarkson, The Sun

The left-wing press and gullible eco-journalists have been cock-a-hoop over Jeremy Clarkson’s confession earlier this week that he now ‘believes in global warming’. Well, guess what? He’s still not sure what exactly is causing it or whether it’s such a bad thing after all.

I WAS outed as a climate change enthusiast this week.

And now ­everyone is expecting me to turn off my central heating and eat nothing but weeds until the end of time.

 Cambodian men used a net to catch fish in a nearly dried pond
Cambodian men used a net to catch fish in a nearly dried pondCredit: AFP – Getty

It ain’t going to happen.

Yes, on a trip with The Grand Tour to Cambodia, I saw a river that should have been full of water and dotted with fishermen going about their business.

But instead, it was just a trickle and everyone on its banks was having to eat spiders and grasshoppers to survive.

To begin with, I figured Chinese ­hydroelectric dams further upstream were to blame. But it should have been the rainy season. It should have been bucketing down, all day long. And it wasn’t. And we can’t blame the Chinese for that.

Back at home, there is record rainfall. 138 millimetres fell on my farm last month — twice what’s normal. It’s been so wet that farmers across Britain haven’t been able to plant any seeds at all this year.

So is the climate changing? It certainly looks that way. Does Man have something to do with it? Possibly. And is it necessarily a bad thing? Who knows?

What we do know is that we, as a ­species, don’t like change. We like our ­villages to stay the way they were in 1850.

And in our cities, we get sad when ­Woolworths goes out of business. So we definitely don’t like the idea of the ­weather being different

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