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Jeremy Corbyn To Announce £50 Billion Plan To Blitz Britain With Wind Turbines And Solar Panels

The Sun

Jeremy Corbyn will today announce a plan to blitz the country with wind turbines and solar panels that will cost taxpayers billions.

The hard left Labour leader’s “green revolution” to curb climate change and create 400,000 jobs at the same time will be unveiled in his annual conference speech.

 Jeremy Corbyn will unveil his plans to start a 'green revolution' across the UK

Jeremy Corbyn will unveil his plans to start a ‘green revolution’ across the UK

During his keynote address in Liverpool, the 69 year-old veteran Socialist will also mark the anniversary of the financial crash a decade ago this month by a vicious savaging of Gordon Brown.

He will turn on his Labour chief predecessor for “straining every sinew” to prop up the greedy banks that caused the economic chaos.

Mr Corbyn’s green plan includes doubling the number of onshore wind turbines and a sevenfold increase in offshore wind platforms.

He also wants to triple the number of solar panels, from jumbo farms to individual houses, to see one installed “on all viable UK roofs”.

 Mr Corbyn's plans will involve legions of wind farms to be built across the country

Mr Corbyn’s plans will involve legions of wind farms to be built across the country

The plan has been drawn up to hit an ambitious target to slash carbon emissions by 60% in 12 years time.

Mr Corbyn will say today “There is no bigger threat facing humanity than climate change. We must lead by example.

“Our energy plans would make Britain the only developed country outside Scandinavia to be on track to meet our climate change obligations.

But experts last night warned the jumbo package would cost at least £50bn.

And the huge layout will be on top of £12.8bn that Mr Corbyn has already pledged for a massive home insulation drive.

Mr Corbyn’s aides last night admitted the vast turbine and solar push would involve significantly boosting government subsidies handed over to energy companies to build them.

Energy expert Peter Atherton told The Sun: “This is an investment programme that is likely to cost well north of £50 billion.

“And it’s difficult to see how Labour can ask the private sector to fund that when they are the same companies who are being told Labour will confiscate their assets.”

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