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John Constable Joins GWPF As Energy Editor

Global Warming Policy Forum

The Global Warming Policy Forum is pleased to announce that Dr John Constable will be overseeing the Energy Comment section of our website, and acting as an advisor on our energy policy related initiatives.

John is well known in the sector for his trenchant critique of target-led and subsidy driven renewables policies, which as he has pointed out are counterproductive both as energy and as climate policies.

For the last ten years John has been the driving force in the charity Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), but his work ranges much further than renewable energy alone, and we are delighted that he has agreed to bring his knowledge and expertise to support our work.

Amongst his many energy-related publications are The Green Mirage: Why the low carbon economy may be further off than we think (Civitas: London, 2011), Energy Policy and Consumer Hardship (REF: London, 2011), and Shortfall, Rebound, Backfire: Can we rely on energy efficiency to offset climate policy costs? (REF: London, 2012).