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John Howard: GWPF Report On IPCC Reform Deserves Careful Study

Foreword to Ross McKitrick’s GWPF Report What’s Wrong With the IPCC?

I am an agnostic when it comes to global warming. That is why I had no difficulty in proposing in 2007, when I was Prime Minister of Australia, an emissions trading system, predicated on the rest of the world acting in a similar fashion, and designed to protect Australia’s trade-exposed industries.

Since then two events have intervened to reinforce the caution which should be exercised by my country in this area. The collapse of the Copenhagen Summit means that actions by major emitting nations is, to say the least, highly unlikely. Moreover, the global financial plunge has highlighted the folly of any nation taking action which harms its own comparative economic advantage.

Professor McKitrick’s report focuses on the reporting procedures of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The intellectual bullying, which has been a feature of the behaviour of some global warming zealots, makes this report necessary reading if there is to be an objective assessment of all of the arguments. The attempt of many to close down the debate is disgraceful, and must be resisted.

Ross McKitrick has written a well-researched and articulate critique of the IPCC’s methods. It deserves careful study, especially by those who remain in an agnostic state on this issue.

John Howard

The Hon John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007. He served as Treasurer from 1977-83 and as Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs from 1975-77.