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Labour Party: Emissions Trading Scheme Hitting Families Hard

A row over rising costs has started, with Labour saying families are going to be hit hard by the budget and the emissions trading scheme.

[New Zealand] Prime Minister John Key says that when the ETS comes in on July 1 petrol and power increases will only cost families about $3 a week.

“Is that an appropriate price for a household to pay for the environment…to me that feels about right,” he said yesterday.

But Labour MP Charles Chauvel says power increases will add 5% to household power bills apart from electricity company hikes.

“This comes at a time of nil wage growth, continuing upward pressure on those on fixed incomes and forecast inflation of nearly 6%,” he said yesterday…

Key countered Labour’s ETS argument by saying if the previous government’s scheme had been put in place it would have been twice as expensive for families.

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