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Large Erroneous Assumption About Natural Land Sinks For CO2: New Paper

The Hockey Schtick

A new paper published in Global Change Biology finds another large erroneous assumption of the carbon cycle, finding the natural land carbon sink in India is 42% less than previously believed. This implies that the net natural contribution of CO2 and other “CO2 equivalents” such as methane to the atmosphere could be significantly larger than previously believed.

According to the authors, large amounts of carbon dioxide equivalents taken up by plants on land are returned to the atmosphere from aquatic environments, finding “average inland water greenhouse gas emissions, which were not previously considered, correspond to 42% of the estimated land carbon sink of India. Thereby this study illustrates the importance of considering inland water greenhouse gas exchange in large scale assessments.”

This 42% carbon sink error, huge in comparison to the 4% of total CO2 emissions generated by burning of fossil fuels, is just one of many recent published papers demonstrating how little is actually known about the global carbon cycle and natural sinks/sources of CO2, which are more than an order of magnitude larger than the man-made sinks/sources of CO2. Thus, the IPCC Bern model of the carbon cycle, which is based upon older, highly erroneous assumptions obviously cannot be relied upon to predict future greenhouse gas concentrations. Climate models in turn use the erroneous output of the Bern model to create the science fiction greenhouse apocalypse projections for the future.

Full paper