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Lib Dems To Resist Tory Plans To Cut Green Taxes

Rajeev Syal, The Guardian

The Liberal Democrats will resist Conservative plans to to cut green taxes that add to the public’s energy bills, Danny Alexander has said.

The chief secretary to the Treasury told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show that the taxes, which amount to about 4% of the average bill, are vital to Britain’s long-term commitments to funding renewable sources of energy and are a fixed Liberal Democrat policy.

His stance has signalled a hardening of the entrenched positions between the two coalition parties over how to cut Britain’s energy bills. It follows a poll that showed public support for David Cameron’s plan to “roll back” green levies on customer bills.

Alexander said: “What we are doing at the moment – and will continue to do for a number of weeks in time for the autumn statement – is that we are looking at every aspect of what contributes to people’s energy bills to make sure that in all of these cases people are not paying a penny more than they need to.

“But you are absolutely right, our commitments to green energy and our commitments to renewable energy are vitally important and they are not something that Liberal Democrats will compromise on.”

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