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Liberal Party Promises To Abolish Wind Subsidies After Danish Elections

Dagbladet Børsen

Should the Liberal Party (Venstre) form the new government after Denmark’s general election, it will abandon current energy policies. And one of the first to be removed would be the financial support for onshore wind turbines.

Photovoltaics subsidies show that current energy policy is unsustainable, the party’s energy spokesman, Lars Christian Lilleholt, told this newspaper.

“We need to stop the current regime and instead use the market as an instrument so that we promote those energy sources that are the cheapest,” he says.

Soon after the summer, the Liberal Party plans to launch a discussion on post-2020 energy policy.

Lilleholt stressed specifically that the Liberals will drop support for onshore wind turbines which, in a few years time, are expected to be able to cope with market conditions.

The party’s plan is backed by the Danish People’s Party and the Conservatives.

Dagbladet Børsen, 12 June 2013