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Lies, Damn Lies And Tall Climate Tales

Global Warming Policy Forum

Where would we be without the environmental media conjuring up its ever-more blood-curdling tales of climate doom? How would we while away the hours without their conjuring up of bizarre (and entirely spurious) links between natural change and global warming? There would be nothing to laugh at any more!

With the new year upon us, we at the Global Warming Policy Forum thought it would be fun to celebrate the work of green authors from around the globe and their tireless efforts in their chosen fictional genre. We are therefore once again inviting you to take part in our special competition, with a chance to win some excellent prizes.  Simply tell us about what you think was the tallest green tale of 2019, and explain to us why it was so utterly preposterous.

Nominations together with rebuttals should be emailed to 

Deadline: 11 January 2020.

Prize: Two GWPF books (Population Bombed and The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened) plus a bottle of whisky.

Good luck, and a happy new year to all our friends and readers!

The Forum team