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Lightning Strike And Wind Farm Fault Triggered UK Blackout Chaos

The Times

A technical fault at the world’s largest offshore wind farm was among a series of failures that resulted in Britain’s worst blackouts in a decade, according to initial analysis by National Grid.

Hornsea One wind farm off the coast of Yorkshire and Little Barford gas-fired power plant in Cambridgeshire both suddenly reduced their electricity output shortly before 5pm last Friday.

This removed about 5 per cent of national power supplies and contributed to blackouts that left a million homes without power and caused paralysis on the train networks.

National Grid, the company responsible for keeping the lights on, is due to submit a report today to Ofgem, the regulator, which could impose fines if it finds wrongdoing. The government has commissioned a separate review.

National Grid declined to comment last night. The company is likely to point to the faults at the power generators and train operators to suggest that others share the blame for the extent of the disruption.

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