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Martin Cohen: How Has The World’s Largest Encyclopaedia Been Covering The Climate Change Debate?

Put ‘Global Warming’ into Google, let alone Wikipedia, and you will be offered, as ‘settled fact’, the ‘full throttle’ version of the theory of man-made global warming, as advanced by certain scientists and green groups. And you will find almost no references to any of the sceptical scientists, or philosophical critiques of the theory. Martin Cohen, a writer on philosophy and science, thought this was odd and conducted an experiment to see what would happen if references to some of the ‘other side’ of the Global Warming debate were introduced.

What he found out is recorded here. His conclusion is that it is impossible to place on Wikipedia, for the record, ‘other views’, or ‘dissenting voices’ even those including, as they certainly do, many distinguished scientists, professors and IPCC authors.

After his investigation, Cohen’s came to see Wikipedia not even pretending to be neutral, but rather content to be dangerous propaganda delivered by anonymous non-entities. This was a point he put to Jimmy Wales, WIkipedia’s nominal supervisor. But Wales was having none of it, instead saying “There exists a long line of people who, when their extremist agenda is not accepted into Wikipedia, accuse the community of bias.”

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