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Met Office Rubbishes Cameron’s Bad Weather-Climate Link

Tamara Cohen and Ben Spencer, Daily Mail

David Cameron has received a frosty response from the weathermen for his comments on climate change.

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that he suspected global warming was to blame for the recent storms that have battered the country.

But yesterday the Met Office said there was no evidence to support such assertions.Its statement came as forecasters said the relentless rain would ease off this weekend – to be replaced by a cold snap with temperatures falling to -4C (25F) nationwide.

Mr Cameron made his remarks in the Commons when he was asked by a Lib Dem MP whether he believed the gales and torrential rain were ‘a destructive and inevitable consequence at least in part of climate change’.

He replied: ‘I agree with you that we are seeing more abnormal weather events … I very much suspect that it is.’

Climate scientists say no single extreme weather event can be entirely attributed to the changing climate, but the impact of greenhouse gases makes extreme weather – such as floods and droughts – more frequent.

But yesterday the Met Office said that despite December being the stormiest month since 1969, it can be explained by natural variations in the jet stream, the band of fast-moving air which creates winter storms in the US and blows their remnants across the Atlantic.

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