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Miranda Devine: Climate Change Isn’t About Science — It’s A Hot Mess Of Politics And Big Money

Miranda Devin, Daily Telegraph

As usual, they enlisted science to their political cause, and as usual science refused to comply without being verballed.

Now we hear from an eminent whistleblower with America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that the organisation used dodgy data to claim the “pause” in global warming from 1998 never existed, and had rushed to publish without the usual checks in order to influence the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The almost 20-year “pause” or “hiatus” in global surface warming since 1998 was confirmed in 2013 by UN scientists and has been an awkward stumbling block for climate alarmists who insist the world’s temperature is soaring skyward at an exponential rate. Thus, Pause Debunking has become a competitive sport for alarmist scientists.

Feted as the “Pause-buster paper”, the misleading NOAA publication was greeted like manna from heaven by Paris climate junketeers and used to allay any lingering doubts governments like Australia’s might have had about risking their nations’ economies on an empty climate gesture.

cooking data

All the fakery confirms that the whole global warming crusade isn’t about science, but politics — and big money. (Pic: The Daily Telegraph)

NOAA whistleblower scientist Dr John Bates told Britain’s The Mail on Sunday newspaper at the weekend that the NOAA paper was based on “misleading, ‘unverified’ data.”

Nor was it subjected to “NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process — which Dr Bates devised” before it was published in June 2015 by the journal Science, on the eve of the Paris summit.

Bates’ “vehement objections to the publication of the faulty data were overridden by NOAA superiors in what he describes as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’.”

This latest scandal comes on top of previous embarrassments for the climate alarm community. There was the 2009 “climategate” batch of leaked emails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia that were published on a Russian website three weeks before the Copenhagen summit, revealing a staggering level of fraud, manipulation, and deceit….

All the fakery adds up to the conclusion that the whole global warming crusade isn’t about science, but politics — and big money.

The NOAA scandal couldn’t have come at a better time for US President Donald Trump to strengthen his resolve to ditch the Paris climate agreement stitched up by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

And in turn Trump’s defection should encourage the Turnbull government to tear up our own Paris climate agreement which they foolishly ratified in November, after Trump won the US presidential election.

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