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More Nonsense From The Guardian On Climate Change

Major storms could submerge New York City in next decade – Sea-level rise due to climate change could cripple the city in Irene-like storm scenarios, new climate report claims

My word, gosh, that’s terrible. How will this happen?

The report, commisioned by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, said the effects of sea level rise and changing weather patterns would be felt as early as the next decade.

By the mid-2020s, sea level rise around Manhattan and Long Island could be up to 10 inches, assuming the rapid melting of polar sea ice continues. By 2050, sea-rise could reach 2.5ft and more than 4.5ft by 2080 under the same conditions.

The actual report doesn’t say anything so drivellingly stupid of course. For the melting of “sea ice” won’t change sea levels by any amount whatsoever. ‘Coz sea ice is that ice which floats on the water.

So an F for The Guardian on that little point.

What the report does do however is take the IPCC models (fine, good, people should) and then add another one. What happens if West Antarctica and Greenland both suddenly melt?

Well, yes, I suppose, so, what would happen? Except everyone except the most fantastically alarmist of buffoons has this pencilled in for 2500 AD, not 2050 or 2025.

I think I’ll file this report in the “don’t bother with” bin.