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More Than Half Of Britons Unwilling To Pay More For Energy Bills To Meet UK Climate Goals, Poll Shows

The Daily Telegraph

More than half of British people are unwilling to pay more for their energy bills in order to meet the UK’s climate goals, new polling shows. 

Polling shows 52 per cent of people are unwilling to pay more for household electricity CREDIT: Martin Prescott/Getty Images

Polling from think tank Bright Blue showed 52 per cent of people are unwilling to pay more for household electricity and 51 per cent for home heating. 

The figures reveal the uphill struggle the Government may face when it comes to decarbonising some of the trickiest sectors as it strives to become carbon neutral by 2050. 

Home heating accounts for around 20 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and is considered one of the more difficult areas of decarbonisation compared to transport or electricity, because of the costs and hassle of changing systems. 

The survey also revealed that nearly 60 per cent of people are sceptical the UK will reach its target to be carbon neutral – emitting only as much as is sucked up – in the next 30 years.

Ofgem has accepted that transitioning to net zero will mean additional costs, but has said it is committed to keeping these as low as possible. 

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