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MPs Call For End Of BBC Licence Fee

ITV News

Up to 50 MPs are calling for Culture Secretary Sajid Javid to review the BBC licence fee and replace it with a subscription option.

But the corporation insists the fee provides value for money and ensures its programmes can be accessed by everyone.

The BBC has insisted its licence fee is vital to ensure its programmes can be accessed by everyone, amid claims that up to 50 MPs will call for the charge to be scrapped and replaced with a subscription option.

A group of Conservatives will support an appeal to the Culture Secretary Sajid Javid urging a review into funding for the corporation, the Sunday Express reported.

The paper said it had seen a letter from Tory MP Andrew Bridgen to Mr Javid which said the current funding arrangement is “increasingly becoming unsustainable and out of keeping with the modern media environment”.

Mr Bridgen went on to say the organisation should plan for a future without the licence fee, looking at subscriptions as well as “the wealth of further opportunities that exist for its worldwide operation”.

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