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Multi-Purpose Solar Panels: Grows Biofuel Crops Too! Patent Pending!

Here’s a look at the future of the green movement.

Multi-purpose solar panels! Grows biofuel crops too! Patent pending! No risk – profits guaranteed 20 years!
Get yours today while generous government subsidies last!

Solar panel field near Markranstaedt, Germany. Photo taken by Prof. Knut Löschke on June 26, 2011.

When the sun doesn’t shine, like in the above photo (which is often the case in gray Germany) you can simply pluck the biofuel crops off the panel and chuck them into your no-risk, government-subsidised home biogas plant! This is tomorrow’s energy – organized by leading climate-rescue masterminds.

Now why does this remind me of the Soviet Union and central planning economy?

NoTricksZone, 4 July 2011


Weed-Covered, Neglected Solar Park: 20 Acres, $11 Million, Only One And Half Years Old!

German solar skeptic website SOLARKRITIK.DE here provides the background on the rundown, weed-covered solar facility in former communist (and now “green”) East Germany, which I presented in my last post here.


It’s much worse than we thought. The story behind the above photo and the project itself appears here at the online Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper. The facility is sprawled over an area of 20 acres. The Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper wrote just before the facility went into operation:

‘The park is finally realized,’ beams mayor Carina Radon (CDU) nowadays, and praised the 7.5 million Euro investment. 36,300 modules will be installed in the weeks ahead. It will generate an annual amount of 2.7 million kilowatt-hours. The facility will produce a peak amount of 2722 kilowatts.

Wow! With that kind of performance, you’d think the facility would be well-maintained so that it could continue to generate cash – and so save the planet. Letting such investments go to hell is usually the last thing one does with a money making machine like that. The Leipziger Volkszeitung article writes:

The solar park saves the environment an emission of 34,500 tons of CO2 and one expects it will be in operation 20 years.”

20 years? As the date of the article shows, the park was set up in December, 2009 – much less than two years ago. Now it is already overgrown with weeds and on the verge of being useless. Your subsidies at work, folks. The green economy – Germany’s job engines! writes:

This photo also shows that the solar park in no way delivers electricity maintenance-free, as the green lobby likes to claim.

The author of the photo provided the following information along with the photo:
‘A rather large, obviously run down facility, which as one sees is overgrown everywhere. I took this photo on June 25, 2011 shortly before 6 pm as I happened to be driving by (and concerning our ‘renewable’ energy world, it certainly opened my eyes). Exect location: Markranstädt, intersection of Schkeuditzer Str. / Nordstraße.’

It goes to show you that nature cannot be controlled by man. They can’t even get weeds under control, yet they would have us believe that they can regulate the climate? In my view, the above facility borders on criminal neglect.

Meanwhile Europe is planning a $600 billion monster solar facility in the SAHARA called Desertec. At least there it won’t have to worry too much about weeds. But what about dust storms, wind and other elements?

A clue of what can happen is provided by, which shows us a solar plant on top of an elementary school at Haltern-Flaesheim, Germany taken on 25 April 2011.


The panels on the above pictured elementary school are coated with a heavy layer of pollen and dust. I guess there’s a lesson here for school kids.

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