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Nearly Half Of British Public Say They Will Never Buy An Electric Car

The Daily Telegraph

Nearly half of the UK public say they will never buy an electric car because of a lack of charging points, according to a new survey. 

The cost of EVs is the other major reason why 46 per cent of people say they would not buy one in the future, the survey by Ford Motors has found. 

The findings highlight the challenge the Government faces as it prepares to bring forward the deadline to phase out new petrol and diesel vehicles, including plug-in hybrid models. 

Transport Minister Grant Shapps has suggested the date will be brought forward to 2032, but it is under pressure to make it as early as 2030. 

EVs currently account for just 5 per cent of new cars, but sales doubled in August even as the overall market fell. 

More than half of respondents to the Ford survey said they were put off buying an EV because of the price. Most EVs are significantly more expensive than similar petrol or diesel models, even with Government subsidies, with the cheapest starting from around £17,000.

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