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London, 23 November – The Global Warming Policy Forum is today publishing the evidence given by the GWPF’s energy editor, Dr John Constable, to the Industry and Regulators Committee of the House of Lords on 14 September 2021.

In the course of his remarks in response to live questions from peers, Dr Constable called into question the wisdom of UK climate polices, remarking that: 

It is perfectly rational to have a decarbonisation policy, but the decarbonisation policy itself must be rational.” 

Dr Constable added that our climate policies are similar to insurance and must pass the basic tests of any insurance policy in providing real cover at a cost that is proportionate to the risk and affordable in itself.
However, as Dr Constable noted, our policies do not pass these basic tests, doing nothing to protect the UK’s people while at the same time being wildly expensive.
Dr Constable concluded that the relentless rise in the costs of Net Zero:

are beginning to stimulate public resistance and will not be sustainable in the long term. A radical redesign, reducing the marginal abatement cost to an acceptable level, is desperately needed.”

Dr Peiser, the GWPF director said:

Cool reasoning of the kind offered by Dr Constable is embarrassingly absent from No 10’s approach. Only yesterday, the Prime Minister compared his Green Revolution to that of Lenin in Soviet Russia (never mind his flippant references to Moses and Peppa Pig).
He has forgotten that authoritarian central planning has failed disastrously throughout history and will just as certainly doom his Net Zero plans to ignominious failure. Dr Constable’s remarks show that evolutionary reform instead of forced revolution is required to address this matter. All that is needed is candour, pragmatism and common sense.”

John Constable on Energy Policy: Evidence to the House of Lords (pdf)